Organizational Learning and Performance: Improve Leadership to Love Yourself, Change Behavior, Habits and Communication. Achieve High Results and Improve Your Health Through Psychology (Unabridged‪)‬

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Will my company collapse if I release my hold on it? What legacy will I leave behind when I retire? What will my employees remember me by? Have I made it strong enough that it can stand my absence? What is my ultimate goal for this business?

Well, all these are questions that come up in the mind of an entrepreneur. You will never come across a business person who wishes for his or her business to end when he or she leaves.

They all want to see what they started to grow and live on for many generations but, unfortunately, the current business environment does not favor static organizations.

Authoritarians who insist on leading their organizations thinking to do things perfectly are often left speechless when the storm begins to blow in their direction and their organizations are taken down in one sweep.

You see, we live in a world where things change by the minute; what’s being invented today will become obsolete in the next few weeks or months and consumer needs change at the same pace.

Therefore, if an organization chooses not to embrace change, it will have no customers because people only buy things that meet their needs. For this reason, an organization needs to ensure that it stays ready for what is to come.

The way to do this is to continually sharpen own tools by creating a learning environment so that own employees learn all business and change-related tricks to help them maneuver the business world. Besides advancing their technical knowledge, there is so much more that employees can learn, from:

how to relate with others;
how to manage conflict situations;
how to lead others;
how to improve both their personal and professional performances. 

This audiobook is set on helping you achieve your learning goals and performance going by situation or phase you are living or planning; you will learn and find:

step-by-step description of organizational learning, its benefits and the process of taking it up;
how to create meaningful relationships in the workplace so you remain focused on the corporate goal;
practical lessons on how organizations can maintain a learning environment that will carry on their values to fulfill mission and vision;
hands-on tips for effective decision-making;
how to move past disagreements that arise in the workplace;
how you can improve your personal and professional output;
how you can better the performance of teams in your organization:
how to make your company thrive amid storms and waves in the business world.

As you embark on the journey of turning your organization into a center of learning and development, besides your core business, consider putting down all these ideas and turning them into a system that employees can refer to, and pass on to others who come after them. 

It isn't easy to train a bunch of people because some of the necessary techniques and processes to do it are challenging, moreover people forget, retire or change careers and you will have to start the training all over again, but this audiobook has useful tips and strategies that you can easily and immediately implement in your company or, if you prefer, everyday life.

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Russell Newton
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8 April
David Michael King