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Imagine you are waking up in the morning. Your eyes open. You remember it's Wednesday. Then, suddenly, a torrent of obligations, worries, and doubts flood you so fast you cannot even catch your breath. The stress, guilt, and fear of making the wrong choices paralyze you. This momentum of this vicious whirlpool pulls you right in. Your thoughts and emotions are all spinning fast but going nowhere. Except for down, deeper. It is frightening and tiring, and you have not even risen from bed yet. 

Why are you locked in this routine?  How can you break free?

Overthinking causes you to obsess and ruminate on all the worries of yesterday and tomorrow. As a result, you miss what is special and unique about today. Overthinking can stop you from experiencing the life you have and keep you trapped in the past or worried about the disasters of the future.

With this audiobook, you will learn how to eradicate overthinking and the negative thinking patterns you have formed over time.  By understanding and implementing the information within this audiobook, you will be able to effectively and efficiently introduce positive thinking habits to your life, and diminish the impulse to follow negative habits.

Let this audiobook be your guide to discovering:

Traits of overthinking
Causes of overthinking
Why nighttime is the worst time for overthinking
The mental, emotional, and physical results of overthinking
Definitions and examples of positive thinking
How to recognize negative thought patterns
How to slow down thought momentum
How to use deliberate thinking to accomplish goals
The pros and cons of living a positive and deliberate lifestyle
Thought modification and how to use it positively
The internal map of reality
How neuroplasticity can help overcome overthinking
The role of the subconscious mind that believes what it’s told
Minimalism, mindfulness, and meditation, their origins and applications

Perhaps it feels at one time, you were in control of your own thoughts and behaviors, but as life has grown more stressful and complex, it seems you have lost control. Your mind has become a speeding train, fueled by negativity and self-doubt and it is headed in the wrong direction. Your mind has developed thinking patterns and even behavioral patterns as a way to cope with the stresses, impacts, and worries you face, perceived or actual. It has developed these patterns initially as a way to offer you safety, security, and relief. Yet, as time goes by and these negative habits become automatic processes when you think and act, they become less and less helpful. In fact, they begin to show signs of harming you, your mental health, your physical health, and your emotional well-being.

What if you could retrain your mind to think in a way that benefits you? What if you could think with clarity and say what you really mean? What if by replacing a few negative patterns, you are able to see opportunities and excitement ahead of you that you were never able to recognize or appreciate before.

You can continue the painful and exhausting path you have a tread with overthinking, worry, and doubt. Alternatively, you can make changes now to end negative habits, develop positive patterns, and unf--k your mind....

Ivan Busenius
hr min
August 28
Daniel Michaels

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