Quranic Code of Conduct: A Guide to Etiquette of the Quran (Unabridged) Quranic Code of Conduct: A Guide to Etiquette of the Quran (Unabridged)

Quranic Code of Conduct: A Guide to Etiquette of the Quran (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 5,99 €

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Do you want to strengthen your connection with the Quran? If your answer is yes, then you will find this audiobook extremely useful.

Interview with the author:

Q - Why should someone listen to this audiobook?

A - Despite the presence of dozens of translations of the Quran and supplication (dua) books in the marketplace, it is sad to find Muslims living in the most pathetic condition in the world. They seem to be the people who are most in need of help/guidance. The simple reason why we have stopped benefiting from this divine message is that, we approach the glorious Quran without knowing its proper etiquette.

My audiobook will teach you the correct etiquette of the Quran, which will strengthen your relationship with it.  Once you learn the etiquette, you will notice that the noble Quran will once again take the centre stage in your lives by reclaiming the spot of the ultimate go-to book for all your life’s problems. Then, you will no longer feel the need to seek refuge in other man-made self-help books.

Q - What makes this audiobook special?

A - This is the only audiobook of its kind that has the Quran etiquette taken exclusively from the Quran and authentic Ahadith. Moreover, full references are provided in the footnotes along with the hadith grading, so listeners can check the sources themselves if they want.

The audiobook also addresses many misconceptions surrounding the handling and recitation of the Quran. This will prevent the listeners from making those mistakes when approaching the noble Quran.

Q - Why did I write this book?

A - Five years ago, when I first received the request from my sister to put together a book on Quran etiquette, most of the published work on Quran etiquette was filled with personal opinions. That is why; I decided to put together this audiobook and spent countless hours to make sure that all the etiquette which I covered in it were exclusively taken from the Quran and authentic Sunnah.

Q - How should the listeners treat this audiobook?

A - This audiobook should be treated as a constant companion of the Quran and should be in every house that contains the glorious Quran. When the Quran is approached in a befitting manner, it will move and soften the hardest of hearts by the mercy of Allah.

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