Remarkable: The Diversely United, Blood-Bought Church of Jesus Christ

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Do you long for your church to be remarkable?

Imagine local churches filled with people from all cultures, generations, hues, and backgrounds—each one a true cross-section of its own neighborhood or city demographics. Imagine these churches enjoying rich fellowship internally, providing substantive ministry externally, and attracting a not-yet-believing world to the promise of the gospel. That would be remarkable. That would be a church like heaven on earth. And Beard believes any local congregation can attain this. These pages provide theology, story, and practical insights for how your church can be that kind of Remarkable.

What Christian Leaders Are Saying:

“Pastor Chris Beard adjusts the temperature as he propels the Church forward with this reconciling work. I am excited for pastors, lay leaders, and small groups to grab this book. It will definitely be a difference-maker. Get this book and read it; you will be glad you did!”

— Pastor John P. Perkins, Common Ground Covenant Church, Jackson, MS

“The men of Issachar knew what time it was and what to do. My friend Chris Beard has written a book that informs us of what time it is, guides us on what to do, and gives us tools to do it.”

— Dr. Samuel M. Huddleston, Assistant Superintendent, Northern California & Nevada Assemblies of God

“In Remarkable, Chris Beard provides a theologically sound, experientially credible, and practically engaging road map for pastors seeking to develop a heart and church for all people. In so doing, he answers the what, why, and how questions of homogeneous church transition, rooted in the story of Peoples Church, Cincinnati, Ohio. Remarkable is certainly a title I will be recommending regularly.”

— Dr. Mark DeYmaz, Co-founder, Mosaix Global Network

Religion & Spirituality
Christopher N. Beard
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3 June
Peoples Church Network Publishing