Self Esteem and Self Help for Introvert People: How to Improve Your Relationships and Business with Self Confidence and Positive Affirmations Through Manipulation Thinking (Guide for Women and Men) (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you have thoughts and emotions that others don't understand? Do you desire to have open communication with everyone, more friends, and positive social interactions, but something is blocking you? 

Do you suffer from being misunderstood because there is a part of you that others don't see and they think you are too shy or boring or sensitive? Are you having problems finding what you should be doing with your life? 

Do you desire to make work more enjoyable or to have your own business but feel like if something will hold you back? 

If so, you might be an introvert and to get ahead in life, you have to adopt the personality traits of your extroverted counterparts. 

Living life as an introvert has its advantages but also its disadvantages. Some techniques and processes to change and improve your personality will be hard to applicate, but don't worry: 

Challenges help us grow!

Listen within the audiobook for exclusive tips and tricks. Here's just a taste of topics you will learn:

strategies that will make you successful at adopting the temperament and personality of an extrovert; 
tips that will help you be successful in relationships and will allow you to build your own business; 
how to enjoy the people you encounter rather than wanting to avoid them; 
speak confidently without fear of messing up; 
look at a situation and not analyze every aspect before you speak; 
understand the social norms that everyone else seems to automatically know; 
how to become an extroverted person (step by step)

There will be many roadblocks and there is no magic pill, but you have the potential to transform into an extroverted person and there are certain habits and methods that you can use to change your ways and increase your confidence and sense of self. 

Would you like to find out how to build the type of life that you desire and deserve?

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Business & Personal Finance
Russell Newton
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23 August
David Michael King