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If you want to discover stress relief strategies to help relieve you from stress, worry, and anxiety for long-term health benefits and wellness, keep reading...Did you know:

A study by the American Psychological Association shows that although men and women report the same average stress levels, women are much more likely to show physical and emotional symptoms. Irritability, fatigue, apathy, anxiety, and headache are some of the most common symptoms among women.
Women who are stressed are also more prone than men who are stressed to have anxiety and depression.
A survey mentions that almost half of all women (49 percent) said their stress has increased over the past five years, compared to four in 10 (39 percent) men.

Balancing work, social life, home life, and personal aspirations and dreams can be challenging for the modern woman. Women are expected to put equal time and effort into home and childcare as they do in work and other roles. The pressure to perform well in all of these areas can cause women extreme stress.Aside from the above-mentioned physical symptoms, stress can also lead to difficulties in sleeping, weaker immune systems, and worse medical conditions such as depression, heart problems, and obesity. In addition, women can experience problems in their menstrual cycle and/or face challenges in getting pregnant due to stress.In this complete step-by-step guide Stress Management for Women: Effective Coping Strategies to Relieve Stress, Worry and Anxiety for Long Term Wellness and Stress-Free Living, you will discover:

The three main causes of long-term stress and more than 25 ways on how you can avoid them
Ten go-to strategies on how you can relieve stress in the workplace
Twelve practical tips on how to manage stress at home, including an easy-to-apply technique to delegate chores to family members
Six common causes of stress in a relationship, which you may not be fully aware of and 14 helpful ways you can do to improve it
Ten benefits of finding some time alone to recharge and relax
Nine of the best tools and apps for stress management, with the pros and cons of each discussed in detail to provide ideas on which would suit you best for your lifestyle
Quick stress management techniques that are simple to apply when faced with a stressful situation and need immediate relief
And much, much more!

Added bonuses:

Bonus one: quick-start action steps at the end of chapters designed to give you fast results in a short amount of time
Bonus two: a bonus chapter dedicated to busy, working moms

This book makes stress management simple and practical to do. And even if you’ve never tried any stress management strategy before or have tried in the past but didn’t get results, the steps outlined in this audiobook will help manage your stress regardless of situation.For working women. For students. For moms. For women in relationships. For single women. For women on the go. For women who need some alone time. For women who want to do what they love - this book is dedicated to all of you.Discover stress relief coping strategies to help you manage stressful situations and benefit you both in the present and in the long term. 

Winona Owen
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March 20
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