Submission in Silk: A Collection of Five Erotic Lesbian Stories

Giselle Renarde and Others
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    • 2,99 €

Publisher Description

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied lesbian themes from Xcite Books, winners of the ETO Best Erotic Book Brand 2010 and 2011.

Submission in Silk by Giselle Renarde
Priti wants to be used and abused. Devra doesn’t play that way. She believes in simultaneous submission, in giving and receiving freely rather than overpowering her partner. But when this quarrelsome pair becomes inspired by a silk neck roll from the extensive collection of cushions on Devra’s bed, they find it impossible to extract power play from their encounter.

Go Find Yourself by Velvet Tripp
Lisa's divorce forces her to re-evaluate her life. Her memories take her back to her experiences and fantasies from her teenage years, when cultural taboos prevented her from following her longing for another woman. She feels she's denied her real self for too long, and decides to take off on an adventure of discovery. She attends a "camp camp", the ACCN, where she meets Ross, who captivates her and ultimately seduces her.

The Girl from Xanadu by Olivia London
Worker bee Claire and gorgeous trust-fund intern Velma come from very different worlds. Claire barely makes ends meet while Velma works just to keep busy. Around the office, Velma is as inept as she is beautiful, but Claire eagerly helps the lovely lass to the next level, going beyond the office to the bedroom. As the saying goes, the rich are different. But Velma needs support, and Claire comes to the rescue. Who wouldn't want to rescue a damsel in distress? As a reward, Velma shows her new friend the finer things in life, but can this relationship between lovers and colleagues last?

Acid Orange by Helen Dring
Environmental disaster brought together two very different women. While Lee fights to control the fallout of a surge in energy, policing the streets and finding safety for those displaced, Anita locks herself away and prays that she comes home safely. But the crisis is worsening, and, when Lee’s unit withdraws from the streets, all Anita can do is hope that they face whatever is to come together, as lovers and soulmates.

For the Good by Alyssa Turner
Stacy is married, straight, and as conventional as they come, but tough girl Myra is the surprising new crush she can’t seem to forget. The right opportunity is all the excuse she needs to live out her fantasy, and when opportunity meets mutual desire, the result is more combustible than either woman could have imagined.

S Campbell
hr min
28 September
Xcite Books

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