The Art of Being Unbothered: How to Wear an Armor of Confidence Against Negativity (Unabridged‪)‬

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Discover how to break through your insecurities, and armor up into a person who is confident, kind, and unafraid to face challenges.

Has your upbringing left you with deep wounds that can’t seem to heal? You battle with debilitating low self-esteem, rejection, and a toxic, self-blaming attitude all because you didn’t receive the proper love and security from your caregivers that you deserved. 

You have no motivation to do more with your life, because you have insecurities that have forced you into a locked cage. But you’re not alone. I have experienced first-hand what it’s like being raised in an insecure environment. Growing up with a narcissistic, controlling, and hard-to-please father made the start of my life difficult. But in relatable ways, I’ve discovered how to look at the other side of the coin. What if I choose to let go of my past and stop trying so hard to get others to accept me? What if I focus on knowing my worth and loving myself?

With deep compassion, my personal experiences, and a rich supply of information coming out of more than 1,000 hours of study, I will help you:

Identify the unhealthy patterns of a self-blaming attitude, so you can then work on forgiving yourself.
Crush the power that guilt and shame have over your life by explaining how burying them in your heart can hinder you.
Pulverize the walls you have put up to protect yourself, and show you the charming benefits of vulnerability, and how it frees you from a life of loneliness.

Challenge the belief that perfection equals acceptance. Instead, I will show you that it's failures that later birth successes.

Put on an armor of love, the same one that has helped me overcome my struggles with low self-esteem and rejection.

Celina Saucedo for HotGhost Productions
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13 September
Shantel Lou