The Procrastination Cure (It's Not Eat That Frog!): Blueprint to Master Time with Highly Effective Strategies to Solving the Productivity Puzzle and Rid Yourself of Laziness with Atomic Habits (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 11,99 €

Publisher Description

Are you frustrated because you're not able to start what you put your mind too?

Angered by your cluttered mind and wasting the day away doing non-essential work? Want to become a top performer getting more work done in a week than in the last year? If you’re someone who gets stuck in negative thought patterns that hold you back from your true potential, this book will change your existence.

This is for:

People who constantly procrastinate and can never break the cycle.
Disorganized people who aren’t utilizing their time to the fullest.
Those who are unmotivated, lazy, always exhausted, and always making excuses.

Sound like you? Right now, it seems impossible to take back control. You lack willpower, have no motivation, you’re too tired to focus. The real problem? You're stuck with the same mindset and habits. Doing the same thing. But I'm here to introduce another perspective. One that will change your thought process and develop long term habits that make you productive.

I’m here to offer guidance from a source beyond yourself. Strategies and secrets that actually work so you can obtain that focused mental trance you've been seeking. Eliminate your old thought process and develop a new one where the hard and demanding tasks that progress your life become automatic.

You don’t have to live with the guilt of an unfulfilled life. You can take back control. In this book I’ll show you how! There is no better time to order this book than right now when transformation is on your mind.

Because when you order this book you can:

Realize a simple proven 5 step system to stop procrastinating - guaranteed to work
Find the one true secret to becoming and staying motivated for life
Discover mindset hacks that force your mind to start working, even on tasks you hate.
Eliminate exhaustion and discover how to work with intense focus for hours.
Wake up ready to pounce on life like a starving lion in a field of gazelles.

Only buy this book when you need serious change. This is not info regurgitated that can be found online. Suffice to say this book is packed with my secrets you won't find elsewhere. 

Scroll up and order your copy today!

Business & Personal Finance
Jake W. Clark
hr min
21 April
Stephen N. Murphy

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