The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volumes 1-4 (Original Recording‪)‬

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Join Michael A. Singer for an expansive exploration of the life-changing insights in his best-selling books.

Michael A. Singer’s spiritual classic The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself gave us a lucid and practical guide to living an awakened life. Now, for those inspired by his books or new to his teachings, The Untethered Soul Lecture Series Collection, Volumes 1-4 brings you into the company of this beloved teacher as he suffuses new illumination into the life-changing insights shared in his written works.

The first four volumes of this 11-part series include:

Volume 1: Insights on the Untethered Soul

"What does it really mean to live a spiritual life? What does it mean to use every single moment of every single second of every single bit of your life to let go of yourself?" asks Michael A. Singer. In Volume 1, Singer discusses how the book, The Untethered Soul, takes you through each stage of the spiritual journey - from the excitement of awakening, to the challenge of deep inner growth, and, finally, to the experience of inner freedom.

Volume 2: Freedom from the Mind

In Volume 2, Singer considers the many ways an unwatched mind can sabotage your life. When observed and understood, the mind is a powerful resource for creation. However, a mind left to its own devices can cause unchecked pain. Indeed, according to Singer, this is the true source of suffering: being unable to distinguish thoughts of attraction, attachment, and judgment from the truth of the present moment.

Volume 3: The Clarity of Witness Consciousness

There is a place deep within your being where you are free from the turmoil of thoughts, emotions, and the outer world. This is the seat of witness consciousness, and from here, your spiritual journey will unfold with effortless clarity and grace. In Volume 3, Singer lays out the basic nature of the World, the Mind, the Heart, and You - the consciousness that experiences these things. He then paves a clear path to achieving this transcendent state.

Volume 4: Turning Preference into Peace

"Once I have a loving partner, I'll be happy...and also a better career...and more money...and spiritual enlightenment...." It seems obvious - happiness comes when we fulfill our needs and preferences, right? Yet, most of us eventually realize that no matter what we achieve, it never satisfies us for long. Why? And what can we do about it? Volume 4 invites us to get to the roots of our suffering: the blockages of our energy flow and the delusions of insufficiency, fear, and false need that they create.

Michael A. Singer
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14 January
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