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If you need a practical guide to start exploring the magical Wiccan world and improve every aspect of your life, then keep reading.

More and more people are attracted to this magical religion. The reasons are numerous, but one of these is surely the need to return to live in harmony with nature and with our Earth, the opposite that today's society is doing.

Many times, however, those who begin their journey in this fantastic parallel world start to find lots of theoretical information without ever experimenting and putting into practice what they have learned.

This guide has the goal both to provide all the necessary information and to make anyone who wants it to become a Wiccan practitioner.

There will be many theoretical notions to introduce you to religion but they will all have the purpose of making you acquire skills and competences to start immediately to improve your life.

As you'll discover in this audiobook, Wicca is a modern religion and adaptable to our century based on ancient traditions of witchcraft.

The ancient Greek mysteries of Eleusis, Etruria, and the countryside in general, the Italian mysteries of Rome, the mysteries of Persia and Egypt before Islam, and many other Babylonian, Assyrian, and other Middle Eastern mysteries are also included in the history of Wicca.

It was also known as "The Crafts of the Wise". It is about having faith in the existence of a divine power that is rooted in the world. In this belief, the concepts of salvation and sin are ignored because the fundamental aspect lies in avoiding harming others.

Lisa Moon will be a guide for the novices who want to know every important thing about Wicca and its significance. Right from the history of Wicca to the principles of magic, everything has been elaborately discussed in this audiobook to give you both theoretical and above all practical knowledge.

Entire glossaries will be a reference resource when you are ready to create your spells and rituals.

In short, here is what you will find in this Wiccan guide:

The ancient history of Wicca until today
Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, and Esbats Wiccan holidays
The principal elements and the basics of Wiccan magic, rituals, and spells
Practical profile of Wiccan circles, coven, and tips for solitary practice
Step-by-step examples of spells and rituals suitable for beginners
And much more

Even if you have never practiced the Wicca religion, don't worry, because Lisa Moon, with decades of experience, has a very simple and direct approach and will guide you to discover this magical world.

Religion & Spirituality
Katrina Medina
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August 23
Lisa Moon