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Do you feel tired or stressed? Are you tossing and turning in bed before you fall asleep, so you wake up tired the following day? You never stop thinking about what you still have to do? Then keep on reading...

This down-to-earth and practical audiobook is designed for you as a busy woman. Trying to meet everyone´s expectations all the time can be exhausting. You really need to recharge yourself.

Using these unique guided meditations will lead to:
Better breathing techniques, more oxygen in your blood during the whole day, so you have more energyRelaxation to reduce anxiety and stress. When feeling relaxed you will get more done while feeling happierReduced levels of cortisol, the stress-related hormone, for long-term health benefitsDeep sleep. Stop tossing, turning and endless thought cycles. Hit the bed and fall asleep right away so you wake up renewed and fresh in the morning.Mindfulness. Living in the moment, without distractions, so you enjoy your life and work more
The short meditations are designed to fit in a busy weekday, for direct results. The longer meditations can be used on the weekends or during holidays, to deeply ingrain the benefits. As a bonus you are also getting affirmations and hypnosis, to reduce stress, to quiet your mind and to fall asleep directly.

In this audiobook you will have access to:
6 short guided meditations3 guided hypnosis3 affirmations sessions
These will all help to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your sleep and breathing. Imagine yourself sharp and full of energy every day. What would that mean for yourself and your family,

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4 May
Guided Meditations

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