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The sequel to Thirsty... Over 12,000 words of Kreme!

In a remote part of the world where mystery and darkness lay shrouded beneath the towering limbs of a fittingly named Dark Forest, the scenic town of Victoria has always drawn plenty of tourists.

Fascinated growing up by all sorts of spooky scary movies, Stephanie alone calls the Dark Forest a noose hanging over the mountain town of Victoria, a noose that waits to ensnare unsuspecting victims. Little does she know that despite all her intelligence and know how concerning the plots of frightening flicks, she's about to be ensnared herself in the oldest mystery around.

Always having been a realist, Stephanie never sought fame and fortune with her ambitions, only to make her own way, to be the modern day hero for people too busy to handle their own daily tasks. She's seeking to be a maid, but not just any maid, a literal self-maid woman, her own boss, keeping lives cleaner, organized, and doing so to start out in one of her favorite places in the world, outside the town of Victoria, among the Dark Forest which was made for fright enthusiasts like her.

Posting an ad for what amounted to a young buxom blonde willing to work as a live in maid had resulted in quite the number of perverted responses, but Stephanie felt she'd truly lucked out by weeding out the one reply that felt honest Not only did that response come from the wooded forests outside Victoria, it came from a woman as well. It seemed an attractive young woman named Vicky needed some basic maid services while running her family farm, a business that reportedly had seen generations of success in the Dark Forest.

From the moment she steps off the train in Victoria, Stephanie is finding herself the sole star of a truly twisted tale, one quite fitting for the theaters. A strange old woman meeting to take her to the wooded farm where Vicky waits, the unusual limitations never to venture into the barn at this supposed milk farm that seems oddly remote and run solely by the beautiful Vicky, so many unsettling thoughts start to occupy Stephanie before her job has even begun.

Offered a place to sleep, a schedule of somewhat simple to understand tasks, and only the rule that the barn is off limits, Stephanie finds the rather mundane daily grind offering her too much time to over think things. The most important daily task seems to be mixing in a half cup of milk just right with Vicky's coffee, but just what is so special about that milk? Obviously it comes from the barn, but why are the cows in that barn so quiet, and what makes them so much more special than any other cows?

Stephanie has always been so driven and goal oriented, but at night she is finding herself driven by an all new passion, one for her own body and the pleasures it can feel. Something in the milk has unleashed desires she never had, and while she tries to discover what in milk could make one an addict upon tasting it, she quickly finds that the milk seems to have more affect than mere addiction. Her skin is more flawless than ever, her body never as abundantly curvy and perfect, and is it her imagination or are her clothes fitting tighter around her chest?

Vicky is hiding something, and it's much more than just what is behind those barn doors. Will she tie all the loose ends together into one cohesive sane and rational story before she loses her mind to lust? Will Stephanie discover what is so special about the cows in the barn? Or will this maid clean up in only the most dirty depraved way, finding out just who Vicky really is?

There's always a thirst for mystery when the thirst is both addictive and unquenchable, and Stephanie is a beautiful young Maid made Thirsty.

Fiction & Literature
February 8
Kris Kreme

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