A Photo-Book About Bangladesh A Photo-Book About Bangladesh

A Photo-Book About Bangladesh

A Photographic Journey Through Modern Day Bangladesh

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Publisher Description

This e-book contains 11 photo essays, 110 color and black and white images, 8 video clips, 50 subjects/themes/locations, arranged in 125 pages. It describes basic subjects, places and problems of modern Bangladesh.

It will be of particular interest to those who are travellers and explorers by nature: especially those who like to travel outside of tourist destinations, who seek out and photograph the unusual, and who are seriously curious about the world around them.

These photo essays have a documentary and cognitive nature and are based upon one of my travel projects made in May 2013 to Bangladesh. This book provides an overview of the places I consider most interesting and my general impressions. I have included some statistics and quotes from verified sources, but the essays are not the result of detailed research and do not attempt to provide any solutions to the country’s fundamental problems that I observed, or occasionally comment upon, such as child labour, environment pollution and other issues.

The final paragraph of each essay is written with the photographer in mind; it highlights some of the techniques, methods and various approaches used to capture the photographs accompanying the essays. I hope by doing so, to provide basic but useful information to other photo enthusiasts, who may find themselves taking photographs under similar conditions in Bangladesh. It is not intended as a manual, but as an aide memoir, therefore I have not burdened the reader with detailed technical data. However, basic EXIF information is provided alongside each picture, which photo enthusiasts may find useful.

This book also provides a section of useful information about Bangladesh, It is aimed at travellers and professional photographers who plan to visited Bangladesh; it provides web addresses, names and contact details of guides and other helpful people.

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    24 September
    Pavel Gospodinov

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