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Are You Ready to Let Go of the Past and Be in Charge of Your Life?

Do you sometimes feel like everyone and everything is against you?

No matter how hard you work, and how hard you try, things just never turn out your way.

It almost seems like a burden. Why me? Why can't I just heal myself and let go?

I have been there too.

It took me years of struggle, research, and pain, to comprehend that my own energy field was my biggest obstacle.

You see there is a big difference between what you consciously want and desire and what your subconscious mind creates for you.

The key to real empowerment and holistic success lies in true alignment.

True alignment starts with learning how to re-design your energy field in such a way that it helps you create the life that truly makes you happy for years to come.

"Auras- Understand and Feel Them" is a personalized invitation to help you create the new, empowered you.

You will discover how to step into the higher version of yourself and create a meaningful life you truly desire.

I will show you step-by-step how to let go of the past, say no to negative energies and people who are stealing your precious energy and making you feel worthless.

But, most importantly, you will feel re-connected again. Worthy of success. Worthy of happiness. Worthy of great relationships. Worthy of feeling energized.

Re-connect to your higher purpose so that you can allow only the best people and circumstances enter your life, while consciously transforming negativity into positive life lessons and gratitude!

Here's exactly what you will discover inside, as I guide you step by step and help you on your journey:

-exactly how to enter the state of deep relaxation so that you can re-connect to your higher purpose and receive true, divine guidance
-simple ways to purify your energy field so that you can experience instant physical and mental benefits (sleep better, worry less and wake up energized)
-how to change your relationship with obstacles, so that you feel empowered knowing you are NOT a victim anymore
-proven secrets to creating unlimited zest for life so that you can inspire those around you, unleash your inner leadership and make people want to be around you (this will also help you in your career and professional life)
-the most effective ways to easily clean and balance your chakras (like SOS strategy, perfect for busy people on the go, so even if you don't have hours and hours for complicated rituals, you can still feel balanced and centered).
-Proven, holistic methods to help you deal with negative and toxic people (on and off line) so that your energy field does not get affected
-How to know which one of your chakras needs balancing, and why and also what is the recommended holistic treatment (essential oils, meditations, visualizations, affirmations) for your personalized healing process and quick results.

-Empowered manifestation secrets (why most people don't manifest because they try to hard and how to allow yourself to manifest from the heart, almost effortlessly).

I am looking forward to helping you on this journey so that you can create the holistic and empowered transformation you have always wanted.

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Health & Well-Being
November 17
Marta Tuchowska

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