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[NOTE: Bad Romance was formerly published as Venus Envy.]

Rachel Greer has given up on love. Every time she takes a chance on a guy, he ends up to have some fatal flaw. Clearly, she lacks good judgment when it comes to men. So she’s devoted her life to volunteering to help the less fortunate, filling every moment of her life with soup kitchens, mentoring and walking the local shelter dogs. Anything to avoid thinking about all the things she’s missing. Like gorgeous firefighter Luke Stanton, who pursues her despite her insistence that she’s not interested. There’s no way she’s taking a chance with her heart again no matter how attracted to him she is. Luke can’t possibly be as good as he seems, and Rachel’s not looking to add another name to her Loser List.

Enter the Goddess of Love. Venus has been demoted by Zeus to Fairy Godmother, performing Love Life Makeovers on human Cinderellas. With a quota to meet in order to return to Mount Olympus, Venus doesn’t much care that Rachel refuses to date. Armed with her sultry looks, a Fairy Godmother Rule Book, and a little help from Cosmo, Venus moves into Rachel’s life (and her apartment!), determined to match this Cinderella with her perfect Prince Charming.

“Charming. Puts a fresh spin on the classic fairy godmother story, and Venus—catty and generous with her barbed wit—is cut from different cloth than the standard well-behaved fairy. McKelden’s sharp sense of humor pulls plenty of weight.” —Publishers Weekly

“Inventive . . . Witty, funny, and truly original, McKelden’s romance is a standout.”

“A great twist on the fairy godmother story line . . . laugh-out-loud funny . . . A fantastic debut novel.” —Romance Junkies

October 23
Shannon McKelden

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