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What if you could succeed with a disruptive student, connect with an angry parent or impress a skeptical principal with a new idea, a new procedure, or a new way of looking at something?

And what if you could do all these things...

Save countless hours during the school year 
Teach students to believe in themselves 
Create a positive environment based on mutual respect 
Maintain high academic expectations for all students
Get 100% participation in your class with one simple technique
Motivate unmotivated students 
Spend less time on classroom management and more time teaching
Learn how to stay calm amid the chaos
Help your students feel safe making mistakes
Have fun with your students

and more...

That's what this book is all about.
It's a collection of teacher time tested ideas, resources and strategies that will make you an effective teacher in minutes.
The book also comes with bonus downloadable content. 

"Marjan, you are making a difference in the lives of students and in the world."
Harry Wong

Harry and his wife Rosemary are the authors of The First Days of School, which has sold over 5 million copies.

"Adam is a shining star. He is one of those truly gifted teachers that students love. Adam's passion for teaching and for the content of his subject are inspiring. Recently, I observed a 90-minute social studies lesson in his classroom. The lesson was flawless from beginning to end. Adam's lesson reflected his knowledge of best teaching practices. He captured students' interest, used a variety of instructional strategies, and checked for understanding throughout the lesson. Adam is a gift to the teaching profession. He is a 'teacher leader' who is respected by his colleagues, parents, and administration."

Nancy Carney, Principal, Springs Middle School, East Hampton, NY USA

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August 6

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