Ben Hur II: Exile

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•“So you are the only people who reject my divinity!” - Caligula; 37 AD/CE.
•“Gods are Gods – What difference which one!?” – Vespasian; 68 AD/CE.

What ‘Really’ Happened?
History’s most impacting century remains its most miss-represented. “Ben Hur II – Exile” traces the historical thread where Sir Lew Wallace’s epic novel culminates, exploring its source points and humanity’s greatest ‘Clash of Belief’ with Rome. A new appraisal based on long suppressed historical archives and first-hand witness accounts says the Jews played the most significant role in marking the end of the divine king realm and why we don’t worship Jupiter and Zeus today. For how can a Messiah emerge without first defending the source that introduced one?
•"Without Judaism there would be no Christianity, and only with Judaism has Christianity a relationship with origin." - Hans Kung"
•"Certainly, the world without the Jews would have been a radically different place. Humanity might have eventually stumbled upon all the Jewish insights. But we cannot be sure." - (Paul Johnson; author of "A History of The Jews").
The first century changed history as no other. It all began 300 years prior, triggered by Aristotle’s pupil Alexander the Great’s strange request to the Jews:
•“Translate for me your Torah to the Greek tongue.”
The Septuagint, the first translation of the Hebrew Bible to another language, will impact humanity and history more so than all of Alexander’s war victories. In the first century the Jews did not reject Paul – they just remained as Jews. Jesus of Nazareth prayed with the Ebionite and Nazarene Jews in Hebrew, observed the Hebrew laws, adorned hair locks and tassels and performed sacrificial rituals. The banner on Jesus' Cross was in Hebrew - (Acts 26:14).
Here there is soul searching awe and wonder, and victory shrouded in defeat. It is accounted via a ‘Forbidden Love’ between a Roman and a Nazerite maiden, betrayers to both their nations. The fiery Deborah Hur shouts out from the Exile processions:
“Jerusalem will return when Rome turns to dust!”
Ten years in the making, this new assessment is designed to 'mainstream' the ancient historical texts in a reader-friendly mode. The tedious and complicated archives, biblical references and its charismatic figures come alive with the historical events infused with its emotive dialogue and dramatic action every turn. The vast index, time-lines, quotes and archaeological relics act as an ever handy reference almanac and are enhanced with 50 lavish biblical paintings, illustrations and new art works.
•"The war between Rome and Jerusalem deserves to be called one of the most important events in world history. If the Temple might still be standing today, the history of the word would be inconceivably different." - (Moses Hess; "Rome and Jerusalem.")
•“No Library is complete without this book – every page astounds. I never wanted it to end” – Stanley Joseph, Composer, Producer, Director.

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16 November
Joseph Shellim

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