Blaze Brothers

Special Edition Graphic Novel

Matt Krentz and Others
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    • 16,99 €

Publisher Description

Check out the complete 200 page Special Edition BLAZE BROTHERS Graphic Novel w/ Cover by Eisner Award-Winner Glenn Fabry (Preacher/Hellblazer/Sláine).

Award-winning writers Vernon Whitlock III and Matthew Scott Krentz and fan-favorite artist Marat Mychaels (X-Force: Shatterstar and Deadpool Corp) present the complete action-packed, hard-hitting, and non-apologetic Blaze Brothers story for the first time! Two orphaned half brothers, Jack and Billy Blaze, reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, resign their commission after a botched mission leaves them both near death. The two gun-toting, sword-wielding brothers resurface as high-level debt collectors, working exclusively for a vicious Japanese crime lord, Mr. Yamamoto. Believing that the Blaze Brothers have dishonored him, he places a two million dollar bounty on their heads. The Blaze Brothers must battle every hitman, assassin, and gang member in the city in an attempt to clear their names.

A Few Quotes/Reviews:

"Blaze Brothers Is Soaked With Blood, Adrenaline And Fun.  The Writing Is Loaded With Gems!" (Bleeding Cool)

“Blaze Brothers takes all the things you love about guy movies and mashes it up into one big colossal story about honor, respect, family, and a hell of a lot of violence.” (

"What if Tarantino made a comic book?  That’s what it feels like when you hit the first page of this collection.  You’ve got the titular heroes' rocking threads making them colder than ice, with the attitude to match, the first scene (in a church) is delightfully irreverent, and there are times you can almost feel blood dripping off the page." (Fan Boy Comics)

"Blaze Brothers is a hard-hitting, non-apologetic, multi-layered saga filled with tragedy, love, betrayal and redemption, infused within this action-packed, martial-arts-influenced story are very unique multicultural characters who possess the kind of great witty dialogue one would find from the likes of Mark Millar, Quentin Tarantino and Elmore Leonard." (CBR)

"All fans of great storytelling will appreciate Blaze Brothers...  Multicultural and with a global setting, the novel’s sharp dialogue, layered characters and compelling images combine to tell a story that’s both arresting and keenly relevant.  For any individual in need of an escape from the drabness of their 9-to-5 or a thrill-seeker who enjoys the art of badassery, Blaze Brothers brings the light to dark places." (Vibe Magazine)

“The artwork continues to be nothing short of awesome, better than a lot of artwork you would see from Marvel to be completely honest….  Good story telling pays off, and trust me when I say this is good story telling." (  

"Blaze Brothers continues to be a violent feast from each issue to the next… Loved It!" (All-Comic)

"An unapologetic, blood-soaked gangsta tale… The Writing Is Loaded With Gems!"  (Bleeding Cool)

"Blaze Brothers is a high-octane tale of honor, betrayal and good old fashioned badassery!" (Comics Bulletin)

"The team the creators put together to handle inks, colors, and letters all did a great job…  I am eagerly waiting for more!" (Indie Comix)

“There are times in comics when the reader just wants to feel cool, like they can take down 100 men, and save the girl all while eating a sandwich.  Well, I recently got my hands on a copy of Blaze Brothers #1 and I was in for a ride straight out of a John Woo flick."  (Impulse Gamer)

“The Blaze Brothers is what you would get if Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction fornicated and gave birth. It’s over the top, bloody and down right visceral.” (World of Black Heroes)

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14 June
Blaze Comics

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