Boiled Frogs with Mock Toast: The worst political candidate we all wanted

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Evan has a good job, good friends, and very little to worry about. In fact, none of the people who live in the village have much to worry about, really. When was it then, that the impulse to shake the tree became so pervasive? Was it really a sense of social responsibility? Was there really a debt owed to those who had no voice? Aren’t they the same people who don’t care enough to speak up? He has too much at stake to take overt risks or public positions on the proposals for new development projects, it is too hard to pluck the ones that will really hurt from the ones that are really needed. His position as a biologist with the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s endangered species division gives him an insight to the upcoming plans. He knows what’s coming, and he knows who is behind it - he just needs a champion to fight for the cause.

The village is a tight knit group, they have known each other for along time, long enough to know each other well, long enough to know what each other is capable of, and what they are capable of tolerating. Evan knows very well what Desmond cares about, and what he doesn’t. He understands what his best friends want and what they feel obligated to do, and he understands the difference. But this time it may be worth pushing the line, it may be worth risking friendship for principle. What he needs is a fresh candidate, what they all need is someone who cares enough to step up. . . or someone who really doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks- that might work just as well.

Since they don’t have the perfect candidate, they will have to create one. Goodenough for Government!

A humorous and honest peek into the real lives and relationships of modern men, Boiled Frogs with Mock Toast is about taking the time to notice what is going on in the face of the overwhelming boredom of responsible living. It is the story of what happens when we squeeze leadership from reluctant friends, ask for them to express opinions that we know we will disagree with, and create expectations where they never existed. It is the story of those who care, and their influence on those who don’t.

Fiction & Literature
3 March
Cameron Johnson

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