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*****Warning Explicit Content. Suitable for 17+*****

"I was drunk but not drunk enough not to notice him. Good Lord, he was beautiful. Did boys like him really exist? I thought I might be imagining him. "You wanna take a shot with me sweetheart?" He smiled crookedly and lifted the bottle up. The huskiness of his voice made me him sound dangerous, yet he was soft spoken...An enigma."

Eighteen year old Lee Bennett is broken, and running from the secrets of her past that seem hell bent on tearing her apart.

When she arrives at childhood friend Cam's doorstep, she hopes to find comfort, closure. The last person she expected to meet is Kyle Carter.

Kyle is everything Lee's been warned to stay away from, yet everything she's drawn to. His boldness, flirtatious nature and jaw dropping good looks have Lee's head in a spin and she cant seem to stay away.
But the secrets of her past still haunt her, which makes her attraction to Kyle all the more scary...

Kyle Carter can't keep his eyes off his hot new roommate, or his hands. Lee is fresh, innocent, and everything Kyle knows he can't have. But that doesn't stop him from wanting her. The pressure of living together combined with their sizzling chemistry fuels an unstoppable liaison.

Both know they shouldn't be together, yet can't bear to be apart. They fall into a twisted affair of love, passion and deceit. Kyle's on/off girlfriend Rachel has a hold over Kyle. She holds a dark secret of his past over him that threatens to tear apart his relationship with Lee; the first girl he has ever cared about.

"That's impossible," he whispered. Tears fell from my eyes and I nodded in gloomy acceptance; Kyle wanted me out of his life. His hands cupped my face gently, forcing me to look at him. "There's no fucking way you could EVER be invisible to me baby."

Lies, deceit, passion and first love fuel together in their tumultuous relationship.

Can Kyle break free from the bonds that hold him to Rachel? Can Lee forgive the indiscretion and lies. And will Kyle Carter be the man who can break her fall?

February 14
Chloe Walsh

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