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Newly revised in 2017, Matt Nicholson’s Breast Punishment Primer is the most comprehensive, entertaining and educational book ever written about breast punishment. Actually, as of this printing, it’s the only book that’s been written solely about erotic breast punishment. But, even if there were others this one would be the best.

The Breast Punishment Primer examines the sometimes erotic (at least from the perspective of the punisher) history of breast punishment from ancient times until now. It discusses breast physiology, including all the fun parts like the nipple, areola and the rest of the candy coating, as well as the not as often enjoyed inside stuff. Matt also looks at the psychology and mindset behind erotic “tit torture” and breast-oriented sadomasochism and BDSM. Of course, there’s a lot of time spent on the many stimulating ways to punish breasts and nipples.

The Primer discusses breast spanking and flagellation, ballistic punishment (yes, that would be shooting things at titties), breast and nipple clamps and presses, breast bondage and binding, and the many ways to use electricity on a perky pair. It covers piercing, blade play, wax and temperature play, culinary play and biting, suction, balms, using our friends in the animal kingdom (or not), abrasion and much, much more.

From facts, figures and opinions to prose and anecdotes from his decade plus as the publisher of an adult website that specialized in erotic “tit torture,” if you can think about doing it to boobs, Matt probably discusses it. He may not always recommend it, but he’ll discuss it. On top of all that, he’s included a comprehensive bibliography and over 100 Internet references to make certain that, once you’re done, you’ll be almost as much as an expert on erotic breast torment as he is.

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