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‘BRED FOR THE SHEIKH’S HEIR’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love short stories where innocent virgins are swept away by powerful alpha males who demand submission and enjoy BDSM.

Do Arab girls grow up wanting to be Cinderella? Or does their Cinderella story have a twist?

Emma Cole didn’t know. She was American and this was her first time in Dubai. The exotic land entranced her. The men, or more precisely, one man, took her breath away. She saw him on the day she arrived, and then her dreams and her coffee shop.

Nadeem was gorgeous and mysterious with eyes that devoured her. His allure was hypnotic. And pinned between his body and the wall, she could do nothing to resist him.

“You will come with me tomorrow,” he demanded.

“No, I will not,” she thought, even as she planned what she would wear.

Italian sports cars, palaces, this was Nadeem’s world. Who was he? And what would this powerful man do to her?

Do Arab girls want to be Cinderella? Emma didn’t know about them, but she did. What she got, though, was Cinderella with a twist. And it was that erotic twist that would change her life forever.

8,000 words.

*Please note that this story contains erotic and sexual situations tastefully written for mature readers only. 

virgin, bdsm, erotic romance, capture fantasy, alpha male, breeding, male dominance, female submission, sheikh, prince, Dubai

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三月 22
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