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If you are looking to learn how to understand and master your emotions without having to engage in long, expensive and time-consuming therapy, then you have chosen the perfect book. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Emotional Intelligence Techniques is a comprehensive and simple manual for understanding and managing your emotions with this practical guide for retraining your brain and start feeling good again in no time!

Learning Emotional Intelligence And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques can be a daunting experience without the proper material and setting. When you recognize the need to learn how to understand and manage your emotions finding the right therapist, funds, and the time to go to therapy can be impossible.Through this book we have strived to give the theoretic bases necessary to understand emotions and emotional intelligence in order to retrain your brain. With this book we will provide you with techniques that facilitate the learning of information about our emotions.The book provides a series of exercises and skills, that will help you understand your emotions better, improve your emotional relations and learn effective relaxation and emotional management techniques in no time.

Inside This Book You Will Find
What is Emotional Intelligence and its importance for successWhat is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its uses in training your brainThe importance of emotions and how they help us evolve and adaptThe components and importance of developing emotional intelligenceLearn how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works and the different tools it uses to manage emotions and bad habitsHow schemes beliefs, thoughts and cognitive distortions can cause emotional stress and how to prevent thatAnd review the most important Emotional Intelligence And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises to retrain your brain and increase your emotional quotient.
Get this book NOW, embrace these simple, yet effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Emotional Intelligence Techniques that will show you how to master your emotions, retrain you brain and start feeling good NOW!

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November 4
Mark Kuhlman