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Book #2, ‘Collared,’ is a Hot & Sexy, Alpha Male BDSM Bad Boy, Romance Novella. It contains explicit Adult Sex Scenes and very Spicy Content. It’s the second book in a series called, ‘Adele.'

As identified in, 'First Encounter,' which is book one of the series, Adele and James have established a mutual attraction. But as you will recall Adele took flight when it came to making a commitment to James and his way of life.

Being a highly sought after and prominent attorney, what James is asking is a big step for her. The thought of making a commitment scares her, and she’s not comfortable with moving away from what she knows.

The stoic and independent lifestyle that Adele has been leading thus far has shielded her. However, one might argue that she’s using it as an excuse not to make an obligation to move into a relationship.

Her way of living has served to protect her thus far, and it’s now four months since she ran away. In that time, she has been struggling with a plethora of feelings.

In this the second book of this lengthy series, Adele finally comes to the realization that only James can give her what’s missing in her life. Her submission is complete when after months of anguish she takes the plunge and goes to him.

James is quick to welcome her back. Then over the following days, he eventually places a collar on his beloved Pet. At times, he’s left wondering about how he can tame the beast within her.

Still, although Adele has given James her submission, she at times has lapses regarding her status as his ‘Pet.' These little mistakes sometimes push his patience with her.

James so craves to train Adele as his ‘Pet,’ he often finds himself pushing her too hard and too soon. However, the erotic power exchange that occurs only adds to this intriguing story.

Fiction & Literature
May 22

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