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In 2013 to 2014 I was writing some of these health books when I decided to make it more interesting by adding quotations or poems on these conditions.
Unfortunately not all poems or quotations could be found for some diseases.

So I decided to write some 312 poems on my own based on the contents that I was writing.

There are also 2 illustrations taken the Story of the Amazing Herpes Virus and A day by the Spa.

There is also an interesting story of the Life and Death of A Red Blood Cell.

There are medical poems on:

Chapter 1:
My Health
Nutrition deficiency

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
Silent Diseases
Systemic Diseases
Metabolic diseases

Chapter 4:
Infectious Diseases
Eye and ear infection

Chapter 5:
Female diseases
Male diseases

Chapter 6:
Mental Diseases

Chapter 7:
GIT Diseases

Chapter 8:
Orthopedic diseases
Autoimmune diseases

Chapter 9:
Skin Diseases
Endocrine diseases
Urinary diseases

Chapter 10:
Blood diseases
Vascular Diseases

Chapter 11:
Heart Diseases

Chapter 12:
CNS diseases
Allergy Diseases

Chapter 13:
Cancer diseases

Chapter 14:
Lung diseases
Children diseases

Chapter 15:
Medical Treatment
Illustration of Spa

Chapter 16:
The Story of the Red Blood Cells (Life and Death of a Red Blood Cell)

I ended with one of my best liked poem:

Ode to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Is that the hero of whom I have read
Curled up in a blanket on the hospital bed
He twisted and turned as he slept
This dreaming savior of people wept

He saw the number of people trapped in a burning office building
And some that jumped to their death to escape the burning
He rushed through the burning door
And up the stairs to the occupied floor

The people were trapped by the locked stairs door
They could get out by the stairs from their floor
He unlocked each locked door and called to the trapped
Come and get out down the stairs by the steps

He pushed them down the stairs with quiet authority
Do not jump, I will lead you down the stairs warily
And he did so with the greatest impunity
The people rushed out of the burning door willingly

There were some minor burns to the skin
But they have survived the fire without jumping
He remembered those who jumped and the fear on their face
It was a nightmare to remember in any place

He could not eat or drink and tried to sleep
But sleep would not come as he continued to weep
His heart was sad as he remembered the tragic events of the day
Happy the families of those saved who can see their children play.

-An original poem by Kenneth Kee

Health & Well-Being
March 10
Kenneth Kee

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