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All the fun, all the prose, all the Rose - except now without the pictures that included "squishy bits" (bottoms, fronts, and tops - no jokes about how that leaves only the truly offensive view of my farm-life feet and hands, which even I agree is pretty darn disgusting - and don't get me started how one stupid "bull hop" semen collecting episode ruined me from ever being able to wear cute shoes after he landed on my toes). Long way to say, this book has finally been cleared of the detritus that was glutes and buttocks, lactation enabled (female) nipples and breasts, and hints of vulvas (also only restricted to females).
Which should leave most of the fun still intact and ready for the reader to experience the trials, tribulations, and heart dropping life of a pretend model, putting it all out there for her fans and readers alike. All while our intrepid heroine (dammit: is that the illicit drug or the butt-kicking woman that saves the day?) (Oh! Wait: in this book, she kicks shins: butts can't be shown.) fights her daily battle with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD/HSDS).
Yes, facing the evils of a world equipped to recognize and actually *want* to experience sex, how does someone muddle through this disparate life; especially one that decades ago was described as "sexy beast girl" who insisted she had to lose her virginity, "Like NOW!" Now, facing premature menopause, too many trips to the gym required to keep the donuts off the thighs, and realizing not having sex in a loving marriage turns out to be a bad idea. She just can't figure out why (for any of the three).
Covering Rose with Modesty is my piece of tale (I got the joke! After someone explained it to me.) through the related tales of producing my cover art for each of my first twelve books along with distant memories and the usual little snips of sensual fiction used in my therapy for HSDD.
If you've seen any of my previous books, this one gives you a peek below the covers at my world where sexless thoughts clash dangerously with my desire to be a pretend model through the entire artistic process.
There's bound to be something in this heaping pile to entertain, entice, and if you're not careful, educate: The process, work flow, discussion with photographer / artist and model, my own confessions, bloopers / boopers, jokes and gags, anatomy and shaving challenges, and a guest appearance (much to my dismay) by my toys. Yeah, those kind of toys (gulp) (stop reading, dad!) And, as always, the Truth and Consequences in the back of the book for every piece.
So come along with this sexless wonder to experience my pretend model life while having HSDD scream out, "Modesty! You have met your match."

Health & Well-Being
December 12
Rose Maru

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