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Publisher Description

This Self-help book, that is based upon the teachings of Abraham Hicks (the famous English speaker), nicely explains the workings of this Creation(universe) and the Creator(humans) in brief. The whole book describes how physical humans work together with this wide universe and how our exactly our life goes.

This book can be life-changing in many ways, but it'll surely provided you with greater CLARITY on your life. This book will walk you through :- 

- Introducing yourself to you! Who you really are, what you really want and what you have come here for into this physical world. It suggests that you are much more than this material body, & that's where your greater power lies.

- An exact 3 step formula that creates everything in this universe. How this formula can be used, to manifest all your desires and dreams into your life.

- It explains some deeper and unknown truths about life, Universe and commonly used terms like Law of attraction. It also answers some of the the widely asked questions, like who God is or what's your life purpose is or how to live the best life you can. 

- More than knowledge, the book also provides some processes that can be used by anyone to greatly enhance their life. 

Whom this book is for? 

• if you are someone keenly interested in spirituality or Self realisation,

• if you wanna manifest your desires or solve any problem in your life,

• if you are wanting to achieve big success in your life,

• Or if you are just a big fan of Abraham Hicks........

Then this book is definitely for you! 

Health & Well-Being
16 May
Aayushi Pal