Curves For His Decision (The Billionaire's Curvy Submissive Part 10) (BBW Billionaire Erotica‪)‬

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Claire and Parker reach a crossroads when their fairy tale relationship begins to clash with reality. They have a terrible fight, during their cross-country trip on their honeymoon, and Claire runs off into the woods. After getting incredibly lost, Claire is cornered by a wild animal. A hunky stranger rescues her from the beast and Claire ends up falling hopelessly in his arms. Hot and steamy sex ensues with the stranger... and now the newlyweds have a decision to make.

Read on for a small taste:

“I’m kind of sick of champagne,” Claire interrupted, “But I’d love a beer.”

Sam smiled and turned toward the kitchen. Claire watched him walk away, her eyes glued to the firm swell of his ass in a well-worn pair of jeans. He really was the epitome of all things masculine, all things virile. His manhood wasn’t cultivated or put on like Parker’s had been. Where Parker had expensive aftershave, Sam had the musk of a real man. Where Parker had expensive suits and tailored jackets, Sam had flannel and denim that fit him like a glove without any effort at all. Sam was the kind of man that you grew old with, where Parker was the kind of man that you grew out of.

Claire watched the lines of Sam’s body as he popped open a couple of beer bottles and returned to her. He moved like an animal, all muscle and sinew. She felt herself getting excited at the prospect of seeing exactly what those muscles could do. Sam handed Claire a beer, and their fingers met on the bottle. A barrage of butterflies was let loose in Claire’s abdomen. She was stunned by how powerfully she was moved by the slightest touch from Sam.

Their eyes lingered on each other as they stood silently in the bedroom doorway. Claire’s heart beat insistently against her chest—the mere proximity of this man was driving her wild. She brought the bottle to her lips and took a long swig, letting her mouth caress the bottle. She wrapped her lips around the mouth of the bottle.

He looked a long swig from his own beer, snatched her bottle away, and placed them firmly on the ground. Clearly, he was looking to wet his whistle a bit more directly.

Claire decided that, for better or worse, that was what she was going to do from that moment on. Live in the moment, whatever that meant for her present, or her future.

His fingers dug into her ass, pulling her in ever closer to him. Claire brought her lips to Sam’s, and kissed him deeply. She could taste how much he wanted her, taste the level of intensity with which he needed to be inside of her. And she found that she was more than happy to let him all the way in.

Fiction & Literature
1 November
Denise Avery

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