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If You're Expecting a Revolution, Expect Disappointment

The world wants to sell us the idea that all we need to succeed is one lucky event. One lucky event and your dreams come true, your problems are forever solved, and everything is perfect.

But life doesn't work that way. Those who expect an overnight revolution in their lives end up right back where they started—bitter and angry at the merciless world that placed so many obstacles on their path to a better life.

If you wish to make your dreams come true, instead of hoping for a revolution, prepare for an evolution—an arduous but fruitful everyday process of self-improvement. And for that, Everyday Evolution, a new release by bestselling author Martin Meadows, has you covered.

Here are some of the things you'll learn from this book:

- When dreaming is dangerous and how dreaming strategically can help you accomplish your goals rather than sabotage them.

- Five traps that stem from fixating on events which can jeopardize your goals and set you up for failure.

- An overlooked, crucial step that will help you overcome plateaus and enjoy sustainable, long-term success.

- Five tips to stay determined over the long term, including a morbid strategy inspired by Japanese movies and a method based on the findings of a relationships expert.

- Six ways to improve yourself daily, including focusing on various important areas of your life that you might have not considered before.

Don't fall victim to the trap of event-obsessed thinking. Learn how to cultivate and enjoy a process-oriented outlook for consistent progress towards your goals. Buy the book now and begin a new chapter in your life.

Health & Well-Being
30 July
Meadows Publishing

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