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Readers have asked what happened to Robert and Bart, the heroes of Rough Justice. They thought I had left them in a bad place…and so I had. Others wanted to know what happened to Sebastian and Jarek between the end of Jarek and the beginning of NumbaCruncha. A good question that requires an answer because what happened could all too easily be the political future for us.
So, Fidel is a prequel to NumbaCruncha, and a sequel to my other five novels—Rough Justice, Dome of Death, Sebastian, Jarek and Mortaumal.
Fidel is fifteen when the story begins sometime in the near future. He’s running away from home to the big city where he falls into trouble, then miraculously falls out again, and grows into a sturdy, well-liked young man. Like most people he is too busy living to notice that a relatively quiet revolution is taking place, replacing the government with a coalition of religious fundamentalists who have strong ideas on how their subjects ought to live, and how to enforce compliance with their draconian laws.
Over the next few years he and his friends fall foul of the government and have to go into hiding. After a series of adventures, excitements and horrifying experiences, they find a safe haven—but only for a while. On the run again, they have a bit of luck and eventually arrive at the beginning of NumbaCruncha.
As the tale progresses we learn what happened to Robert, Bart, the horrible Lance, and pleasant Constable Jurgenz. We also revisit Peter and Jon, Sebastian and Jarek, and Mortaumal and Zadig.

Fiction & Literature
February 21
Rigby Taylor

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