For His Needs (Love And Submission Series #1‪)‬

Publisher Description

Savannah is an over-sexed coed living in the East Village on a full ride to a prestigious NYC art school.

She's bored with school, her classmates and especially bored with the pathetic attempts made by college boys to win her heart. When her best friend Claire learns how she is really paying for her above-average college lifestyle, she has some explaining to do.

Little does Savannah know that she will soon find the man that will make her want to settle down and re-evaluate her life.

Everything is about to change as she experiences what it's like to be in a serious relationship with a real man who can satiate her every desire.

Read on for a small taste of this Steamy Erotic Romance:

Loving the effect her touch was having on him, she decided to see what else she could make this man do. Savannah let her hands trace down the length of Gus’s torso, beginning with his broad shoulders, then down the buttoned-up plane of his chest. The professor did his best to remain cool-headed in the face of his student’s advances, but it was useless. He knew that giving in to her charms could put his career in jeopardy, but with those hands, and those hips, and that succulent little pussy waiting for him beyond the thin veil of her shorts, what on Earth was he supposed to do? Savannah’s fingers reached the band of Gus’s belt and she let out a small chuckle.

“I probably shouldn’t,” she cooed.

“Probably not,” Gus agreed.

“Will this affect my grade at all, professor?”

“Don’t call me—”

“I’ll call you whatever I want professor.”


“Lovely,” she grinned. “Now... whatever should be do about this little situation we’ve gotten ourselves into?”


“Let me see just how committed you are to this course of action,” she purred, and she laid her tiny hand on the pulsing bulge of Gus’s dick. He felt the air leave his lungs as she caressed his swollen manhood. She fought to keep her own breathing level, despite how excited she was. She could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of being f****d silly against the hardwood desk. Still, mustn’t let him believe he was getting the best of her. Savannah smiled naughtily at Gus and ran her hand along the length of his cock, nodding her approval.

“Jesus...” Gus whispered, closing his eyes in ecstasy. “You have no idea how long I’ve been thinking about this.”

“Oh please,” Savannah said, lowering herself until she was straddling the ever-growing girth of Gus’s dick, “I’ve only been in your class for, like, two weeks. Most guys have to wait much longer.”

“I guess I must rate, huh?” Gus asked, as Savannah began to gyrate against his cock. Her slender fingers began undoing his academic little buttons.

“Well, I’ve always been a sucker for professors. You know, in high school my superlative in the unofficial year book was Most Likely to Fuck a Professor.”

“You don’t say?” Gus gasped, wrapping his hands around the small of Savannah’s back, drawing her down upon his pulsating cock. “I guess they were right, huh?”

“Kind of,” Savannah breathed, getting lightheaded as Gus’s member stroked her clit through their clothing, “Except that I was already sleeping with my high school track coach. So, they were a little behind the—”

Fiction & Literature
10 October
Denise Avery

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