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From bestselling author Melody Carlson comes a series about four friends determined to change their lives … and their world: Morgan, Amy, Carlie, and Emily—The Girls of Harbor View. Each of the eight ebooks in this complete collection contains unique stories about the girls, their friendship and faith, and their desires to make their lives and their world a better place.

Girl Power: The four friends meet and band together against some local bullies. In doing so, they decide to work together to transform and rejuvenate the trailer park where they live—only to have their work destroyed.

Mystery Bus: The girls’ trailer park renovations are rewarded when the landlord gives them an old, abandoned bus to fix up and use as a clubhouse—where they discover old albums, journals, and secrets someone left behind.

Rescue Chelsea: When Carlie invites a new girl to join the club, no one seems safe from the backstabbing, betrayal, and hurt. The girls must somehow rescue their friendships before the group is destroyed forever.

Take Charge: When vandals wreck the local park, the authorities threaten to turn it into a parking lot. The girls take action to save it, but a powerful woman with unknown intentions may ruin everything.

Raising Faith: Morgan trusts God to provide her ski trip funds and works hard to earn the needed money. But when everything blocks her efforts, from her school activities to her grandmother’s life-threatening heart attack, it’s a test of faith against the odds.

Run Away: As the ski trip nears, Emily’s mom flees her abusive ex-husband and whisks Emily away to somewhere unknown. The girls fear for their friend as Emily struggles with hard lessons in forgiveness.

Ski Trip: The girls finally hit the slopes, but events take a downturn when some of them go completely boy crazy. Carlie, however, won’t have anything to do with the boys—or her flirtatious friends. Instead, she gets obsessed with snowboarding, and only after a dangerous accident do the girls discover what really matters in relationships.

Secret Admirer: Valentine’s Day approaches, and along with it the school dance. Amy has a secret admirer leaving her notes, and she mistakenly sets her heart on the wrong boy. When her crush becomes public, Amy is devastated and humiliated. Her world falls apart, until she concocts a plan to transform the day.

Young Adult
June 7

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