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From the Core

A New Masculine Paradigm for Leading with Love, Living Your Truth, and Healing the World

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A respected leader in men’s work shares a practical guide to redefine, heal, and re-embrace masculinity in our world.
Men today face a crisis of identity. While we can see how the old paradigm of patriarchal dominance needs to go, is the solution really to deconstruct the very idea of masculinity out of existence? No—that’s not the answer. As John Wineland writes, “We need a generation of conscious men who can provide guidance and direction in their communities, just as we need to support and encourage women to do the same.” With From the Core, Wineland sets out a clear roadmap for men who want to live, love, and lead from the most profound places within them.
The techniques in From the Core will help you adapt to a changing world while staying in touch with your masculine essence. If you’re willing to spend at least 30 minutes a day in practice, you can transform your entire approach to love, success, and relationships. Here you’ll learn how to:
• Get strong—go beyond building your muscles to strengthening your nervous system, awareness, and ability to conduct energy
• Become masterful in the art of sexual and energetic polarity
• Align with the Sacred Feminine—operate in harmony and trust with the feminine forces within you and in others
• Take responsibility for the life you’ve created, the legacy of manhood, and your personal role in healing our damaged world
• Prioritize depth over comfort—becoming highly attuned to the truth of your heart and the power of your intention
• Use the Eleven Precepts of Conscious Warriorhood as your life’s compass
“Despite all of the flak men have received,” writes Wineland, “I see brothers every day who are hungrier than ever to step into their lives more powerfully, nobly honor and protect their feminine partners, and be a source of healing and liberation in their communities.” From the Core is an inspirational guide and a call to action for men who are ready to embody conscious awareness, unflinching accountability, and true leadership.

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2 August
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