Gap Year Safety

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Publisher Description

Gap Year Safety is the essential safety resource for anyone about to embark on their gap year or round the world adventures. It is here to answer all your practical safety and security questions, relieve you of your fears and worries of what may happen and provide you with the tools, knowledge and information you will need to make sure you stay safe on the road.

Gap Year Safety is here to reassure, support and encourage you to follow your dreams of travelling the world and stay safe in the process.
With comprehensive advice from ex military personnel, martial arts practitioners and teachers as well as qualified health care professionals, this book is an absolute must read for anyone about to set off on their gap year or round the world adventure.

Gap Year Safety includes:

Essential advice on how to prepare for your trip including insurance and money matters.
How to research your trip and not fall foul of cultural, religious or legal problems.
Comprehensive medical advice and information.
Advice on what to take and what kit you will need.
How to avoid danger and stay safe on the road, in transit and in your accommodation.
Vital information on how to stay safe from touts, hassles, scams and crime.
Guidance on what to do if something does go wrong.
Female backpacker concerns and issues.
And much more besides.

It really isn’t as terrifying as you think to realise your dreams of travel, all it takes is the will to make it happen and the preparation and knowledge to reduce any potential risks and pitfalls that you may face on the road.

Gap Year Safety is here to help you prepare for your backpacking trip and teach you how to handle the multitude of problems you may come across on your travels. By being informed of the potential dangers, scams and problems you may face, you can recognise and evaluate any potential hazard before it happens, avoid any risk or danger and react appropriately to keep yourself safe and secure on your round the world adventures.

Travel & Adventure
5 November
Michael Huxley

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