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Four New York society girls looking for a fresh start. 

Four Montana men ready to show them that everything is better out west. 

Follow their adventures as they find love in Big Sky Country!

When Natalia Pachetti’s career as an event planner for Manhattan’s elite crashes and burns, the offer to plan her best friend’s high-profile wedding in Montana presents her with the opportunity to save her career, and her reputation. There’s only one problem. Taking the job means she’ll be in close proximity to Ian Blackwell, her teenage crush and every girl’s cowboy fantasy come to life. Even after twelve years, the memory of his rejection still stings like fire, and she’s determined to keep her distance. But when she arrives she finds that not only is Ian hotter than ever, the callous jerk she remembers has been replaced by the kind of man who makes it hard to hold a grudge.

Ian Blackwell never forgot Natalia Pachetti. Her sassy mouth, gorgeous face, and sexy body were seared into his memory twelve years ago. Back then she was untouchable: seventeen, inexperienced, and not the kind of girl he should be messing with. All these years later, it sticks in his craw that his attempt to do the right thing left her feeling rejected and embarrassed. Now, with her back in Bozeman, he’s on a mission to prove he’s not the SOB she remembers. It’s the only way she’ll give him a chance to show her just how good it can be between them. 

Praise For Jami Alden: 

“Jami Alden always takes you on a wild ride! 

- New York Times best seller Catherine Coulter 

“The perfect balance of emotion and romance.” 

-New York Times best seller Maya Banks 

“Hot and emotionally charged, Jami Alden always delivers.” 

-New York Times best seller Shannon McKenna 

“A fantastic story that will keep you hot and bothered.” 

-Romantic Times Book Reviews for Private Party 

“Alden can wring every emotion from her characters.” 

-Romantic Times Book Reviews


18 July
Jami Alden

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