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Go Naked In The Software, examines a situation where six girls and six boys decide to stay in an abandoned (but upscale) mining camp in order to have the complete secrecy that they need to develop a software application that will make them all rich.
The girl's mothers won't let them stay in the mining camp unless they're married. The boys won't stay unless they have a girl. Thus, there are six more or less forced marriages that turn out to be something of a mistake.
The marriages don't work out all that well. The partners are thrown together as more of a business arrangement, rather than a romantic arrangement. The marriage situation and the isolation of the remote mining camp leads to one of the girls starting a sort of nude revolt. The girl is the prettiest girl of the bunch and, freed of parental control, she's a raging exhibitionist.
The nude revolt leads to a lot of socially forced public nudism. The girls (and even the boys) find themselves in a situation where they're forced to show themselves nude and even socially forced into partner swapping. The abandoned mining camp is totally isolated and the nudity extends to walking around the 'town' naked.
The nude revolt eventually leads to the annulment of most of the marriages and Jason, the leader of the software effort finds himself switched from Jill, the prettiest girl in the group, to Eve, a sort of wallflower with a lot of potential.
Jason uses the fact that Eve is pretty much destroyed by the reshuffling of partners to establish control over Eve. Jason begins by telling Eve that she's not going to walk naked through the town.
Eve is distraught! She tries to tell Jason that she has to walk naked through the town, because all of the other girls do.
Jason calmly explains that naked is okay for the rest of the women, however, Eve will be nude. Jason the dom then 'forces' Eve the sub to get (via the Internet) any number of fancy fetish type items of the French bra, lace garter belt, lace top nylons, etc. style. Eve suddenly finds herself the style leader among the girls and also something of a social leader, since she's now living with the guy who runs the business end of the software effort.
It takes a while, but Eve gradually sorts out her new status. She has to be Jason's sub, but she can use the power of her new style and position to enforce better treatment of the girls, starting with herself. Jason and Eve are still forced by social pressure to partner swap, but Eve enforces quite a bit of courtesy from her partners. Eve may be Jason's well treated sub, but she's a dom with the others!
Over the course of time, Eve builds herself into the kind of woman that Jason wants. It turns out that she also builds herself into the kind of woman that Eve wants.
There's a lot of sex in Go Naked In The Software, but there's also a lot of romance. Normal social conventions aren't in force here, as the scene is a remote mining camp. However, the software developers finally manage to sell their software application to a major software developer and they'll now return to civilization.
Eve has developed into a very attractive woman, who could have any number of men. However, she finds that she wants to remain as Jason's well treated sub, perhaps mainly due to some very romantic scheming by Jason.

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December 24
R. Richard

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