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Why is it so important to get in touch and align with the Divine Feminine, regardless of which gender you are? The world is in a sad state of affairs. Pollution, suppression and discrimination, political unrest and an unhealthy system that is outdated and harmful, steeped in patriarchy, are the order of the day the world over.


Suffering from this are not only women or any kind of minorities. Every single person is affected by this and it is paramount that we get in touch with the Divine Feminine in order to BALANCE it with the Divine Masculine to create an atmosphere of love, understanding and healing worldwide. But in order to create a healthy balance, you must first become familiar with both sides of the coin.


Goddess Meditations is a series of books that introduces you to the Divine Feminine within you. Each book holds channelled poetry, information and questions designed to trigger your subconsciousness to find answers to certain themes in your life during meditation. Poetry stimulates a different part of the brain and, therefore, serves to integrate the Goddess's energies more deeply and holistically.


With this series, you can

Explore the Divine Feminine with mythology from all parts of the world.Embrace your own innate divinity.Learn to love yourself.Do healing work.Accept and learn to use your divine powers.Meditate.Visualise.Manifest.Become more aligned with your soul purpose.Do your bit to heal the world by empowering and loving yourself.

Book 3 contains the following Goddesses:

Gaia (Greek)Philotes (Greek)Athena (Greek)Ixchel (Maya)Pachamama (Inca)Sedna (Inuit)The Morrigan (Celtic)Juturna (Roman)Nisaba (Sumerian)Isis (Egyptian)Neith (Egyptian)Nephthys (Egyptian)Nut (Egyptian)Amaterasu (Japanese)Izanami (Japanese)Kuan Yin (Buddhist)Tara (Hindu, Buddhist)Lakshmi (Hindu)Parvati (Hindu)Radha (Hindu)Vac (Hindu)Durga (Hindu)

Health & Well-Being
August 20
Tirza Schaefer

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