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Guitar Picking Mechanics equips you to use a standard guitar pick (a.k.a. flatpick or plectrum) to play popular styles of music as proficiently as possible.

Through a series of exercises, you are trained to use the proper techniques needed to play common guitar parts.

You also discover techniques that make an immediate difference in how well you pick, so you see fast results.

In order to learn the most practical skills, you play examples composed in the style of familiar songs.

You even unleash your creativity by applying your newfound skills to your own improvisations and compositions.

Your path to picking improvement involves the development and application of the following techniques:

Alternate picking

Changing strings on downstrokes

Downstroke sweep picking

Downstroke economy picking

Upstroke string changes, sweep picking, and economy picking

Pick slanting

Inside and outside picking

Playing melodic patterns (a.k.a. "scale sequences")


After completing Guitar Picking Mechanics, you will be able to pick more quickly, more accurately, and more comfortably. You will know how to compose fluid lead lines around efficient mechanics. Most importantly, you will discover which picking techniques work best for you so you can play to your strengths.

Guitar Picking Mechanics is not just about technique—it is about your artistic expression and style. The program’s goals are for you to explore options, develop new skills, break through barriers, and make progress so that your guitar playing becomes something you can be proud of. :)

The Guitar Picking Mechanics book includes:

100 pages of instruction

84 Notation Figures with Tablature

74 Audio Tracks

Are you ready to make your picking problems a thing of the past? Do you want to see how changing your approach to picking can help you progress faster than you thought possible? Get your copy of Guitar Picking Mechanics today!


Guitar Picking Mechanics is not a beginner guitar program. In order to take full advantage of this instruction, you should already be playing at an intermediate level. Your skills should include being able to play pentatonic scale and three-notes-per-string scale patterns. Guitar Picking Mechanics works on either an acoustic or electric guitar. Both right-handed and left-handed guitar players can follow the lessons.

Audio Tracks

Once you have your book, follow the instructions to download all the audio tracks. If you would prefer to have the audio tracks on CD, purchase the CD as well, which is listed and sold separately on Amazon.

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Amazon sells paperbacks and Kindles. PDF eBooks are sold at the author’s website. Visit http://GuitarMusicTheory.com/pick for more information.

About the Author

Hailed as a “music-theory expert” by Rolling Stone magazine, Desi Serna is the author of several instructional guitar books and video programs including Fretboard Theory, Guitar Theory For Dummies, Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies, and Guitar Picking Mechanics. He is known for his practical, hands-on approach to music teaching, with a focus on the guitar fretboard and emphasis on popular songs. Desi honed his craft through decades of teaching, performing, and publishing. He lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area, and works full-time managing his business and GuitarMusicTheory.com website.

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Desi Serna

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