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If we receive our medication, surgery, or natural remedy and are still in pain, there are a variety of psychosocial and spiritual methods that can help us manage that pain skillfully. To this end, Dr. Shapiro has created Healing Power, a self-help, self-healing model he uses himself and teaches students, patients, and colleagues. Healing Power is a composite of the wisdom of the ages from the sages. It has fifteen methods, one hundred qualities, wisdom pearls, and a variety of religious traction devices—the best of the best, a highlight reel of sorts—extracted from great spiritual books, teachers, and masters and translated into cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and meditative practices. The methods are universal and can be practiced by people of all persuasions: atheist, agnostic, religious, or spiritual. The methods are:

• Horizontal Axis: People, Activities, Belief System

• Vertical Axis: Affirmations, Habit Transformation, Breathwork, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Contemplation, Meditation, Prayer, Mindfulness, Presence of God, Service, Yoga, Transformation of Emotion.

When you practice these methods, you will: 

• Increase healing power for body, mind, and soul.

• Learn how to skillfully manage any pain or problem: physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, or spiritual.

• Become a better person by cultivating healing qualities such as love, compassion, forgiveness, courage, strength, peace, wisdom, and joy.

• Exercise and strengthen the mind.

• Transmute bad habits into peace, strength, and contentment. 

• Reduce hyperactivity and build stillness into your program.

• Use stillness as the doorway to higher states of consciousness.

• Reduce the negative side of your ego and replace it with the highest wisdom.

• Lock love, compassion, patience, and kindness into brain grooves so that these healing qualities become your new mental habits.

• Learn how to face anything life throws with courage, peace, and strength.

• Perform anonymous acts of gentle, humble service.

• Give peace, love, and joy in word, action, and vibration to all whom you meet.

• View the body as the carrier of higher states of consciousness as opposed to a source of fear and trouble.

• Experience a transformation of consciousness to higher states often referred to as nirvana, the peace that surpasses understanding, ecstasy, Divine love, The Buddha, or Christ Consciousness. Here nothing can touch us and nothing can ruffle us. Liberated from the bondage of fear and insecurity, we watch the colossal cosmic drama with calm detachment.

Health & Well-Being
February 18
Philip Shapiro

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