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What do you need to know to break your child or young adult into voice over and acting?
You need to know how your child can land voice over jobs and acting jobs, as well as talent agents.

NO talent agent wants to hear what doesn’t work or how difficult all of this is for you. They need to hear solutions from YOU, the parent, and whether they can count on you and your young talent for auditions. Talent agents, like the producers who hire your kid, want to know your child is confident and stable, allowing them to consistently deliver their best performance, whether on an audition or a booking.

You’ll learn the basics of how to run your child’s career in How To Break Into Voice Over and Acting For Kids & Young Adults and the industry standards expected of every talent hoping to work. You’ll discover trade secrets to secure voice acting jobs and on-camera (film, commercial, and television) acting jobs.

Successful business owners will tell you that it generally takes three to five years to establish any small business. The same is true for the voiceover and acting business provided you utilize the tools necessary to running your voiceover and acting career.

This dynamic industry is dependent on multiple media, promotions, communications, and the technologies that drive them. In order for art to meet commerce, you need to know How To Break Into Voice Over and Acting For Kids & Young Adults to establish and further your young actor’s potential career as a professional talent. Learn the essentials required to offer the greatest opportunities in promoting them and maintaining their acting and voice acting career in order to land voice overs and on-camera jobs.

Discover what no voice acting classes will teach you from the author of The SOUND ADVICE Encyclopedia of Voice-over & the Business of Being a Working Talent and expert in the voice acting and entertainment field to allow you the best chance to secure voice acting jobs as well as on-camera work.

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November 25

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