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Last Declaration
Final Proclamation

I offer you my heartfelt wishes in the Almightys name,
As I help all single ladies in my inimitable way the same.
God above suggests that we never lure, joke, mock or cheat,
To obtain fortune, peace & prosperity, these words I repeat.
All of my life I have maintained one unchangeable goal.
I breathe, live, write to help you, filling that empty hole.
Important ladies ignore me, avoid me, and do discriminate,
Making me more intent to love them; their time I appreciate.
The Holy Spirit in the Bible teaches us to love our enemy.
Whatever they do to us, we forgive them in order to feel free.
To love God first & then your neighbor He does recommend.
If you want a happy life, on the Almighty you should depend.
I give to ladies my full attention with advice that is the best,
How they can reach their bliss and build a loving family nest.
My poetry concerns the great & the small, all who do exist.
Your goal to find a rich husband gives your life a new twist.
Im sure that my advice in rhyme sounds unusually divine.
Get a good man to marry; then you will feel extremely fine.
Good luck; youll realize your dream if you follow my plan.
Then your life will be filled with happiness with a good man.
Ive continued as a gentleman to improve my lot in life also
With unwavering faith in God, I will meet a woman, I know
I have tried to inspire you with my potent poetical influence
Only in the arms of a rich man can true romance commence.
By law you will be one flesh with a marriage certification.
Be the best couple, happy citizens in our abundant nation.
In the name of the Holy Spirit, only trust in God & believe.
Then the rest of your days a blessed life you will receive.
With wisdom, power & glory march straight ahead with might.
Blessed by our Heavenly Father, just do what is spiritually right.
This is the last poem on the cover page of my book at the end.
So long, dear readers; whoever buys my book will be my friend.

Fiction & Literature
September 11