In the Name of the Queen

Publisher Description

Fairytales. Fae. Immortals.

Princes. Warriors. A fight for survival.

Three books. One glorious set.

For the first time, get three first in series books from M. Lynn and Melissa A. Craven in one volume.

This set includes Fae's Deception, Golden Curse, and Emerge.

Fae's Deception:

A human girl with a troubled past.

A fae prince from a stolen kingdom.

When he steals her away to the fae realm, there is no going back to her old life. Under the rule of a captivating queen, the kingdom of Fargelsi has brought the three fae lands to the brink of war. And now that same queen has her eyes set on a new pawn—a human girl.

Golden Curse:

A warrior with nothing left to lose.

A prince trying to hold his kingdom together.

Etta Basile has spent years among the trees, training for the day she'll take up the curse of her ancestors, a curse tying her life to that of her greatest enemy, the Prince of Gaule.

Prince Alexandre was once a childhood friend, but now, Etta must keep her identity a secret as she enters a tournament to become his champion.
Her goals are simple: Protect the prince. Break the curse. Kill the prince.


Allie Carmichael has never fit in. People don't like her. They don't want to be near her. They don't want to touch her.

It's one of the many things about her life that just doesn't add up.
But there are a few things she knows for certain.

Moving across the world in the dead of night is not normal.

Her new friends might know more about her than she knows about herself.

Aidan McBrien is the most insufferable flirt she's ever met … but she can't stay away from him.

When Allie awakens to an excruciating pain she doesn't understand, a latent Immortal power emerges within her, nearly killing her. Now the secrets and lies have fallen away, and she is no longer the awkward, uncertain girl she once was.
She is Immortal.

Prepare to lose yourself in these beautifully wicked fantasies with masterful world building, dark and twisty secrets, lies, powerful magic—and devastatingly handsome men.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
6 July
Michelle MacQueen

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