Intuitive Eating: Effective Principles To Build A Healthy Relationship With Food

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Intuitive Eating: Effective Principles to Build a Healthy Relationship with Food focuses on an alternative approach to traditional diet culture. This type of diet can dramatically improve your relationship with food. In contrast to diets that categorize meals as "good" or "bad," intuitive eating prioritizes satisfying hunger with foods that promote physical and mental wellness.

Intuitive eating is a distinct approach to food and health. It does not require willpower, diet, discipline, or calorie counting. With this approach, you will learn about eating triggers and comprehend what motivates you to want to consume food.

Those that eat more intuitively exhibited fewer signs of eating disorders. They have been less prone to bingeing, purging, and unhealthy dietary restrictions. Here is a glimpse of what you will read and learn about in this book:

*The diet myth and why it doesn't work

*The twenty tips for Intuitive eating and eating disorder recovery

*The five stages of intuitive eating

*The psychological advantages of Intuitive Eating

*The benefits of intuitive eating for athletes

*Uncovering the best ways to eat intuitively

*Emotional motivation to eat vs. real hunger

*The pros and cons of intuitive eating

*The benefits of intuitive eating for athletes

*The health benefits of a vegan diet

The author has devoted over thirty years to researching diet, herbs, homeopathy, and various biological medicines to treat multiple health conditions. In this informative and easy-to-understand guide, you can determine if Intuitive Eating is right for you. Before beginning Intuitive Eating, anyone with a health condition or dietary restrictions should consult their doctor, registered dietician, or trained nutritionist. Eating intuitively is a method that, in comparison to going on a diet, will serve you better in the long run. 

As you rediscover Intuitive Eating, be patient with yourself and continue to make daily progress. Your quality of life will increase if you have a healthy connection with food.

Health & Well-Being
1 August
Joseph Giordano

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