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Looking for a time-saving review of American history?

History goes on forever; learning it doesn't have to.

We were helping a friend study for the contestant quiz of the Jeopardy! Game show when we realized we had accumulated enough information to teach the subject to almost anyone. And in only about one hundred pages!

True, if you need to know socio-economic or politico-industrial whys and wherefores, you'll have to find a much bigger book. But if you're like most of us and just want to know who-did-what and when, have we got a book for you!

Knowledge BLASTER! Guide to American History traces the sometimes-haphazard development of civilization in the New World. From the daredevil exploits of early explorers through the brazen rejection of colonial bonds by the Founding Fathers in the American Revolution. From the bloody Civil War that threatened to destroy our Great Experiment to the World Wars that ripped at the very fabric of civilization and democracy worldwide.

In these pages, you'll discover: The arts, inventions and industry of our nation's great thinkers and doers. War heroes like George Washington, Mad Anthony Wayne and General George Patton. Cowboys in the Wild West and astronauts in outer space.

You'll get answers to your questions:

Who founded the first California Mission?

What cities have served as America's capital?
What really caused the Battle of Wounded Knee?
Who were our Presidents?
When were our fifty great states added to the Union?

You'll find the KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Series books are patterned in an efficient question-and-answer mode, stressing simplicity, brevity, and clarity.

You can use this reference work as a launch pad to propel yourself into more in-depth studies. However, if you find this little study guide provides all the information you need, then consider your knowledge...

We wish you the best of luck in your quest for knowledge in this fascinating subject. 'Bye now.

And, oh yes, buy now!

June 8
Yucca Road Productions

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