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Milk. Some women have it. Men want it. And they'll suck it right out with those hot tongues and lips. This bundle has three milking sex stories for readers who get all hot at the thought of a big, strong man taking something only a woman can give.

Three stories. Over 10,000 words of what you want.

Warning: this ebook contains lactation and milking sex stories. For adult readers only.

Milk for Her Boss

Sylvia the secretary has secrets. Ever since she began lactating, she can't believe how much she loves having her nipples sucked.

Sometimes, while she's sitting at her desk, she just can't concentrate on work. All she can do is fantasize about her boss, Chase, wrapping his lips around her nipples and milking her dry.

When she goes into his office and finds him stressed out with his workload, she knows he needs the comforting that only a mother can provide.

Warning: this 3200 word erotic short story contains lactation, milking, and boss and secretary oral sex.

Getting Milked

I've always loved my nipples. They respond to the lightest touch, puckering up and getting so stiff that they hurt.

Ever since I started lactating, I find myself fantasizing about a man wrapping his lips around them, sucking all my milk from my body. Just the thought of it leaves me trembling and wet.

My desire makes me ache so deeply that I just want to grab a stranger up off the street to satisfy my needs.

Warning: this 3700 word erotic story contains lactation and milking sex between a woman and a stranger she picks up in front of her house. For adult readers only.

Milking Me

Sienna thought she could escape him by going to the park alone. She thought she could escape the desire to feel his lips wrapping around her sensitive flesh, suckling until she screams. After all, she never could say no to him.

But he knows where she's gone, and he thirsts for what only she can give him. Being out in a public place can't help her at all. Especially when she doesn't really want to get away from him.

Warning: this 3400 word erotic short stories contains alpha male domination, milking and lactation sex, and breeding. For adult readers only.

Fiction & Literature
8 June
Jillian Cumming

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