Land of Ice, a Velvet Knife Land of Ice, a Velvet Knife

Land of Ice, a Velvet Knife

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Publisher Description

Land of Ice, a Velvet Knife is the second volume of The Pulsifer Saga, by Wm. Michael Mott, and the sequel to Pulsifer: a Fable.

Calim Pulsifer, the ultimate rogue and adventurer, is back with a vengeance — primarily fleeing vengeance, seeking vengeance, and repeatedly bungling, bamboozling, and bluffing his way from one outrageous situation to the next.

As in the first novel, Pulsifer: a Fable, in spite of having earned the enmity of wizards, warriors, and women, Pulsifer is once again his own worst enemy. Fighting, scrabbling, and conniving in his quest for revenge and survival, the outcast Calim Pulsifer leaves a trail of mayhem and mirth across and beneath a frozen, monster-haunted world, delving into the bizarre depths of a subterranean realm like no other. Adversaries and lovers, unhuman and sorcerous creations of an ancient wizardry, and innocent bystanders alike — all are touched by the wake he leaves, and only the force known as Equilibrium knows how things will finally balance out, for even multiple hells have no fury like several women scorned ...

Once more, political correctness goes out the window, as the ultimate trickster and adventurer takes the stage. Fantasy-fiction readers and role-playing fans alike will find these novels provide a thrilling, belly-laughing reading experience.

On the Paladins of Vance label, Spatterlight publishes original works by authors who have given their own imagination free rein in, or have been inspired by the many wonderful worlds of Jack Vance, Grandmaster of fantasy and sci-fi.

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    17 May

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