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Lara has always lived on the edge of Dragon society. She harbors a terrible secret; one she knows might get her excommunicated if it is ever revealed. When her daughter finds happiness with two male dragon shifters, Lara is thrown into the path of two mighty warriors.

Awen and Lucien are ancient, and so powerful they are practically legends amongst their kind. When they meet Lara, they know they've found their fated mate. Trouble is, their mate wants nothing to do with the bond they have, and she's running scared.

Awen must use all the magic he possesses, and Lucien every bit of his strength, to find their female but when they do, only persuasion and patience will get her to listen to them.

Lara might be running scared, but she's tempted to give into the fire burning between them, even if only for one night.

When she does, she sets in motion a chain of events none of them could have foreseen.

January 6
Skye Jones

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