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Lusty Dreams: Lesbian Erotica Collection is a novel-length bundle of steamy F/F lesbian erotic stories.

These stories from Molly Harper and friends are sensual and passionate, with plenty of steam, and, in some cases, budding love.

Contained in these stories are depictions of first times, lesbian awakenings, and passion between domme and sub.
Surprise Reunion
Charlotte and her old friend Chastity are reunited after twenty years by chance, only Chastity doesn’t remember her.
But Chastity is insistent on getting to know her, and Charlotte must admit, there’s something about this woman.
Charlotte’s had urges for women before, but she’s never acted on them.
And yet, here the gorgeous Chastity is, tearing every one of her inhibitions down…
The Tastiest Treat
At a party, Tamara is sure everything is about to go wrong when she mistakenly admits to being in love with her straight best friend…
But it doesn’t go wrong. In fact, it goes very, very right.
The Present
When Teresa’s girlfriend has to go away for a while, she’s devastated. It’s their anniversary, and Teresa wants nothing more than to get Marian into bed.
But Marian has left Teresa a present… and it’s the next best thing!
The Escort
It was a moment of weakness. Against my better judgment, I fulfilled one of my secret fantasies: I hired an escort, a woman, to give me an ‘erotic massage’.
And it was the hottest, most explosive night of my entire life.
But picture my complete and utter shock when I bump into her at work…
Inviting Another
My long-term girlfriend, Brenna, is bi, and I’m okay with that. She’s honest with me, and I know she’s been with men before.
But her fantasy has always been to invite a third person into the bedroom, and being a full-blown lesbian myself, that’s never been appealing to me.
Until, that is, Brenna told me that it wasn’t a man she wanted.
No, she wanted to invite a third woman into our bedroom all along…

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December 3
Molly Harper

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