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Desire is a human trait that leads us to do some irrational things. However, most of the time we hold our cravings in check. Then as we move on with our lives, we look back and consider the what-ifs of some of those path’s we chose to bypass.

As a writer, I can create some of those fantasies for you. What my words portray might not be exactly how you would have liked your forbidden fantasies to play out. However, they are my version of some that most of us can relate to in our lives.

I’ve written a few of those fantasies, in a series of books called, ‘A Woman’s Pleasure.’

Book Description:

Adult content 18+

I’ve written this erotic romance story, ‘Make-Up Sex,’ in the 2nd person. It’s the 1st book in, “A Woman’s Pleasure Series,’ of erotic short stories.

The theme of this erotic series is to bring women pleasure. By writing it in 2nd person, it allows the reader to slot into the character. Be warned though; you’ll feel like you are having a sexual encounter as it’s written in a cyber-sex chat format.

As the title suggests, the theme is of a couple having ‘Make-Up Sex.’ I’ve used very detailed and descriptive words to depict a picture of the action as it unfolds. The story is a hot, erotic and steamy sex chat. It’s between a couple who are embracing in the act of sensually seductive foreplay and copulation.

Do enjoy the theme as you immerse yourself in the story. It will bring you into the world of sensual pleasure and orgasmic bliss ...
This series of short stories describe sex or love making as one would hope couples interact. I take quite a deal of time to describe a sensual and pleasurable experience for both. As we all would hope, sex shouldn’t be a mundane chore.

All oral, sexual and foreplay applications portrayed in my books are unique methods that work. I’m aware of the fact that a lot of women wouldn’t have heard of some of the erogenous spots mentioned. Or for that matter used the methods of stimulation outlined.

However, these are techniques that I've personally used in a real situation and can lead to some fantastic orgasms. That part is up to you and your partner or you alone I’m afraid, but if I’ve brought it to your attention, I’ve done a good thing. Enjoy! No one will judge.

Most of my titles touch on BDSM, domination, submission and the alpha male. The two series that I’m writing at present go into this lifestyle a little further than my short stories.

With the relaxed sexual boundaries that prevail in today’s liberal society, a lot of women secretly crave the fantasy of submission. For most, it’s an escape from reality and the everyday pressures of life.

I know that a lot of very successful women use the lifestyle, as escapism from their high-powered jobs. It allows them to surrender all decision making to another, even if only for a short spell, maybe just on weekends away from their workplace

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June 19

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